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Atlas supplies solid-state frequency converters from its ShorPOWER product line as a means of achieving clean and reliable onboard power from a dockside connection -- anywhere in the world.  For owners of mega yachts, this worldwide power independence is achieved by installing a small, light weight ShorPOWER frequency converter on board the yacht thus assuring connection to any power offered by a marina.  For marinas interested in accommodating the various power needs of its customers, regardless of their onboard electrical system configuration, the use of Docker ShorPOWER land based frequency converters is the solution. 

For smaller yachts, Atlas supplies AutoPHASE™ Auto Isolation Transformers.

ShorPOWER Product Presentation (low-res:41MB)

ShorPOWER Product Presentation (hi-res:91MB)


The ShorPOWER-Mini® Model SPM-27D assures power compatibility with any load onboard that requires power other than what is available from the yacht’s standard distribution system.  This state-of-the-art system is the world’s smallest and lightest in its class.  The Model SPM-27D system operates from any 50 or 60 Hz shipboard distribution and provides any alternate low voltage 50 or 60 Hz, AC output power as may be used for stateroom convenience outlets or other specialized power needs.


Atlas offers high performance, advanced technology AC and DC switchboard systems.  TecPOWER™ designs range from basic manual to fully automated operation, according to your specifications.  Increasing degrees of automation and electrical power management are available as options.  TecPOWER™ switchboards can be designed to meet all marine classification agency requirements including ABS, Lloyd's, DNV, RINA, and BV. 

For smaller yachts, Atlas supplies the  TecPOWER™ Bulkhead Series


The Model A/V-27D Power Conditioner enhances any onboard electrical system by providing electrical isolation and improved power performance required by the more upscale and advanced entertainment systems found on today’s mega yachts.  Additional to a typical power conditioner, is the Model A/V-27D’s ability to provide frequency conversion for applications where desired entertainment systems operate from an input frequency that differs from that onboard.


The safest, most reliable, and cost-effective marine electrical power system starts with a quality design.  Atlas has an established group of highly experienced and degreed marine Electrical Engineers to provide the optimum electrical power system design for your vessel.


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